My name is Hayley, you can call me whatever you want, especially trash or garbage or landfill because that's basically what I am. I like hot pockets and socks. I dislike people who don't like dogs and stickers that you can't get off DVD cases.


i have the most embarrassing fantasy team in the world im gonna post it because this is a trash blog and thats what i am, im a trash can.

  • matty duchene
  • drew doughty
  • corey crawf
  • shay webs
  • cam fowler (rip me)
  • gabe landesbeauty
  • kyle okposo
  • evander kane
  • vlad tarasinkhole
  • ravioli
  • merk scheifs
  • EJ
  • derek stepan (rip!!!!!!! im not even a fan!)
  • jonathan huberdope
  • vyacheslav voynov


whenever i bring up billy joel my mom has to mention that he drove into someones house. mom please leave billy alone.

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Late for my prime, but something that was shaped by design


i miss going to hip hop shows on the regular. i miss the little preshow mixes and i miss meeting DJs and buying weird merchandise and i even miss the screaming girls and that one drunk and stoned dude that accidentally steps on your feet and turns around to apologize and knocks over another person as he does that and hes always wearing a flat billed hat