My name is Hayley, you can call me whatever you want, especially trash or garbage or landfill because that's basically what I am. I like hot pockets and socks. I dislike people who don't like dogs and stickers that you can't get off DVD cases.



Secretariat’s Belmont Stakes, 1973. 

There are probably few people who follow me who are at all interested in horses, or horse racing, but regardless of where your interests lie, if you have not seen this video, you should. 

It is, quite simply, one of the most breathtaking feats in the history of sports. There has never been a horse like this. There never will. You don’t have to know anything about racing to watch this and know that you have seen something miraculous. 


i accidentally said “fuck my ass” in front of my dad earlier

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today I’m thankful for the colorado avalanche having a snapchat. 🙌